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Throughout the years Mr. Krohn has proven he has the acumen and qualities necessary to execute the duties as Marketing Communications Manager. On a regular basis, he has successfully handled sensitive and challenging situations while maintaining his focus, professional disposition, and the trust of his colleagues. Further, he has been integral in our business development and growth plans.
Michael leaves Ifastgroupe with an impressive track record and reputation.
Darren Dalgleish, President, Ifastgroupe

“Michael's creative and well thought out ideas were an extremely important part of our company's marketing strategies. His attention to detail and implementation of agreed upon strategies made Michael a tremendous asset in achieving the growth objectives of our organization. On a personal front, Michael's easygoing demeanor allowed him to communicate with our employees, sales representatives, managers as well as customers easily and effectively.”
Robert Ivanier , Vice President & General Manager, Ifastgroupe Distribution

“Michael and I worked together for many years at the National Industrial Fastener Shows, both East and West. Michael is a very capable, accomplished professional and is able to manage multiple projects effortlessly. He builds friendly, productive working relationships with clients, colleagues and vendors. With Michael’s broad experience/range of skills he will be an asset to any organization. I highly recommend Michael.”
Susan Hurley, CEM , Show Manager, Bannister & Associates

“I worked with Michael for many years in different areas. Michael is a very detailed oriented individual from beginning to end of a project. Michael has never had the "not my job" attitude, whatever needed to be done was done. Michael's personality is such that he really does get along with everyone, vendors, customers and co-workers. With Michael's vast knowledge and experience he would be quite as asset in any capacity.”
Sharon L, Turkall , Sales Manager, Ifastgroupe Distribution

“I enjoyed working with Michael, his professionalism and work ethic was a great asset for Infasco. He is an autonomous and hark working individual. He is the person that gets the job done every time. Whether it is in customer service or in marketing, Michael always did a great job. Always in a good mood even under pressure, he was well liked by everybody at all levels of the company. He can bring new, fresh ideas to help the company he works for to assure success and visibility.”
Jean-Luc Paré , Sales Manager, Infasco

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